HR and health and safety services

With your Knowsley Chamber membership you have access to ChamberHR, an employment law and human resource benefit which includes:

Telephone advice - available when you want (24/7), and:
An online reference manual with hundreds of downloadable documents

This means that you never have to face an employment law or human resource issue alone.

Telephone Advice - 01455 852037

  • Available when you want it (24/7)
  • Unlimited access to qualified specialists on any employment law or human resource issue. 
  • You don’t have to book a call, you just pick up the telephone and call us when you need help
  • You will receive friendly, down to earth and practical advice helping you every step of the way.

For instance:

  • Is one of your employees constantly absent?  Pick up the phone for advice
  • Do you have a discipline issue?  Pick up the phone for advice
  • Have you a redundancy problem?  Pick up the phone for advice

You will receive the advice line telephone number with your Chamber membership.

Online Reference & Downloadable Documents

  • Over 400 (letters, policies, procedures, templates)in the HR library
  • Can be downloaded, edited and saved in your ‘My Account’ or in your own filing system. 
  • You can download the documents as many times as you need

For instance:

You will need a login to access the documents which you receive with your Chamber membership

Health & Safety at Work

In addition you have ChamberHS, an online health and safety library with access to over 150 downloadable health and safety documents.

You will need a login to access all the documents which you receive with your Chamber membership.

Exclusive to members

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